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  by aamwema 2013-01-04 for Article: Why is it So Important to Conquer Your Mind if You Want to Lose Weight?

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  by cdhbrown 2012-10-01 for Article: Renting A Jumper (Bounce House)
Thank you so much for your acceptance, if you wish for smaller paragraphs, please include that in your instructions! Have a great day and thanks for being so quick to accept! 

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  by writer529 2012-03-21 for Article: Swimming Pool Sanitation

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  by justmesuzanne 2012-03-07 for Article: Acupuncture Provides Relief From The Painful Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety
Quick Review & Payment! Many Thanks! :) 5 Stars! 

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  by Zanne Lamb-Hunt 2012-02-13 for Article: BBQ Catering Sets You Free!
Thank you for your approval, rating and 'grade'. :D

I enjoyed writing it for you.

* Requester gets an A+ * 

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  by timiuswyle 2012-02-13 for Article: Business Owners should Research Computer Repair Options before making a Choice
Great requester. 

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  by Saad Naveed Bari 2012-02-03 for Article: Why You Should Get Surf Lessons in Southern California?
You're welcome. Thanks for the positive feedback and five star rating. 

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  by Michelle P 2012-01-31 for Article: What Causes Ulcers in the Mouth?

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  by Gentleman_cadet 2012-01-30 for Article: Dance Classes: A Paradise full of fun
wow :O got approved in twelve minutes.. :O awesome.. enjoyed working for you... and thanx for the remarks, i will surely improve :) 

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  by ssleutz 2012-01-29 for Article: Relieve Stress with Boat Rentals
Thank you for the fast approval and nice comments. I really appreciate it and hope to do work for you again! 

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  by TEdward 2012-01-29
thank you for the fast approval and great comments it is greatly appreciated. Have a great day 

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  by jaymohnjine 2012-01-23
Thanks :D 

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  by Mjoelle 2011-11-29
Thank you for accepting my article!!!!! It's very much appreciated:D God Bless 

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  by MsRebecca 2011-11-29
Fun subject and super fast approval- thanks! 

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  by alicekarimi 2011-11-18

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  by bernietaft 2011-11-17
Thank you Mike. Fast review and payment and you even gave me a little extra. Very generous of you. It was nice writing an article for you and i hope you like it. Hopefully i can write for you again some time. Thanks again.  

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  by Cindy Bangcawayan 2011-11-10
Thank you! :) 

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  by justmesuzanne 2011-11-10
Fast & Friendly Review & Payment! Many Thanks! :) 5 Stars! 

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  by kneela 2011-11-02
Thank you very much for accepting the article.I am also grateful for your valued comment. 

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  by Joejo60 2011-10-31
Thank you very much 

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  by casper 2011-10-31
requester was concise with article description, pay was swift....thanks.. 

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  by michaelflorentin 2011-10-31
thanks for the quick approval and payment! 

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  by Isabellas 2011-10-31
Fast approval great feedback!  

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  by joelwrites 2011-10-27
Thanks for the quick approval!!! Please let me know if you need more articles and I will be glad to write for you again...:) God Bless 

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  by negusi 2011-10-26
Thank you for your speedy approval. 

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