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  by #15032 2011-10-16 for Article: Bridal Barbie Collection
Thank you for approving it! 

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  by Raden2011 2011-10-16 for Article: Barbie Princesses Collection
Thank you for your approval. 

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  by mariealicia 2011-10-14 for Article: Pop Culture Barbie Collection
hope to work with you again soon, thank you 

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  by enigmatic1500 2011-10-14 for Article: .Barbie Doll Houses, Smart Homes for Your Favorite Dolls!
thank you. 

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  by swriter 2011-10-14 for Article: Innovative Handmade and Stunning Barbie Doll Clothes
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  by mariealicia 2011-10-13 for Article: Barbie: Not just a toy
Fast approval, hope to work with you again soon. Thank you 

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  by AQBHJM1 2011-10-13 for Article: Barbie Dolls: A Collectors Item

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  by enigmatic1500 2011-10-09 for Article: A History of Barbie Dolls, A Childhood Classic Since1959
Thank you very much, it was a lovely subject. I would love to write more for you, please send me a special request, if you wish me to. 


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