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  by Claudia1452 2011-09-16 for Article: Thor, Super Hero For This Halloween Season
This was a fun topic to write. The keyword requirements was easy to incorporate and the review time was very fast. 

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  by punkinpie 2011-09-16 for Article: A Halloween Costume for Everyone with Harry Potter Halloween Costumes!

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  by ssiddhanta 2011-09-01 for Article: How to make best donkey Halloween costumes
Article was ok, but not really on topic or with the keywords specified. Also the last couple of paragraphs were obviously cut and pasted from a costume site. 
Writer response: (ssiddhanta) I would like to say thank you very much for giving me the chance to write about on this article

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  by jedaite 2011-08-31 for Article: Happy Halloween with Buzz Lightyear Adult Costumes!
Poor article with bad grammar and does not make sense in a lot pf places. Lots of filler too to get to the word count. I had to totally re-write. 
Writer response: (jedaite) A+ thanks!

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  by jedaite 2011-08-31 for Article: Have fun with the Shrek Donkey Halloween Costumes
A+ thanks! 

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  by ezwriter8988 2011-08-31 for Article: Buzz Lightyear Costumes For Kids

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  by stevenmiller 2011-08-31 for Article:
stevedolan receives a 5 star rating for requesting an interesting article about Batman. 

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  by alelsj 2011-08-31 for Article: Sexy Wonder Woman costumes
Article did not include the keywords and there was lots of padding. Also the English was poor and I had to re-write 50% of the article. It was either a spun article or this author writes poorly. 
Writer response: (alelsj) Very kind client :)


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