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David Francis
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  by peyton 2014-03-16 for Article: Polar Ice Caps Melting And Flooding
Thank you very much once again!!!! Wonderful requester to work with!!!! 

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  by peyton 2014-03-14 for Article: Shoulder Bursitis
Many x thank you!!!! This is a great requester to work with!!!!  

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  by peyton 2014-03-11 for Article: Shoulder Exercises
Wonderful requester to work with, who is great at handing out compliments!! Thank you so very much once again!! 

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  by peyton 2014-03-09 for Article: Killer Queen Perfume Review
This requester responds quickly, answers questions, and is very nice to work with!! Thank you again!!!! 

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  by peyton 2014-03-07 for Article: Frozen Shoulder (Contents Page)
Great requester to work with!! Thank you very much!!!! 


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