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  by berikssen 2012-01-17 for Article: Utilizing Green DYI Energy for a Better Environment?
thank you for the rating and feedback:) 

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  by Ken Korczak 2012-01-14 for Article: Building Solar Panels Is Not Rocket Science So Even The Mechanically Challenged Can Do It
You're a class act! Thank you! 5 Stars! 

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  by mmiller450 2012-01-13 for Article: Homemade Solar Panels A Home Improvement Project that Saves you Money
Excellent requester! Thank you so much for kind words & rating. I hope to work with you again on future projects. 

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  by Angela1974 2012-01-10 for Article: Why You Need to Consider Solar Panels for Your Home

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  by berikssen 2012-01-10 for Article: DIY Energy Options for Your Home
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  by Angela1974 2012-01-09 for Article: How to make your own Solar Panel
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  by rpineiro 2011-10-20 for Article: Recognizing the signs of ADD and ADHD in children

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  by mcstir 2011-10-20 for Article: ADHD is Ritalin the answer?
Thank you for the approval and great rating. 

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  by MsRebecca 2011-10-20 for Article: ADHD in Teenagers: Rising Numbers Are Being Medicated
Clear instructions, quick approval, interesting subject- I was a high school teacher and saw this personally. Thanks! 

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  by Angela1974 2011-10-20 for Article: Recognizing ADHD Symptoms in Children and how to deal with them
thanks for the honest feedback ..most appreciated 

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  by roythom 2011-10-20
Thanks for a very prompt approval and helpful feedback. A fascinating topic close to my heart. 

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  by justmesuzanne 2011-10-20
I'm glad you liked the article! I'm a Behavioral Science Specialist & have worked w/many ADHD kids. Please feel free to contact me for special projects.
Quick Review & Payment! Thanks! :) 5 Stars! 


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