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  by DeAnna_Gill 2012-11-09 for Article: E-Cigarettes Vs. Tradtional Cigarettes: Why E-Cigarettes are the Clear Winner
Very fast acceptance! :) I hope to work for you again. Thank you! 

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  by dreamer 2012-01-17 for Article: Post Workout Foods - How Important Are They?
Thank you very much for the approval. 

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  by omaita 2012-01-12 for Article: Best Cardio Post Workout Foods
Thanks a lot. Great requester!

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  by rpineiro 2012-01-11 for Article: What To Eat Before A Workout
Thank you SO much for the ultra fast approval and good feedback! 

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  by J J 2012-01-02 for Article: Top Tips on How to Get Abs for Girls
very prompt review. Thanks. 

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  by Samuel Faith 2011-12-30 for Article: Body weight Exercises: Under-utilized Exercises For Body Building
He approved my work within 15 mins of submission, along with a tip. Definitely will work for this guy again! 

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  by andy3000 2011-12-21 for Article: Why you should include walking in your wejght loss program
Thought I followed all the instructions. Perhaps you wanted more emphasis on some of them though? 

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  by Cindy Bangcawayan 2011-12-16 for Article: Why Go for Fasting to Lose Weight
Thanks! :) 

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  by jwbrooksjr 2011-12-10 for Article: How To Gain Weight And Build Muscle While Defining The Abs
Great requester and very kind. 5 Stars and I learned our kw density readings in editor may not be accurate so I apologize for it being less than requested as it read the low end of 3%. 

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  by irinirin 2011-12-08 for Article: Foods For a Flat Stomach- What to Eat and What to Completely Eliminate from Your Diet
Thank you for the speedy approval and the generous tip! 

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  by irinirin 2011-12-05
I'm glad we're both happy:) Thanks for the tip, appreciate it 

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  by J J 2011-12-01
By far the fastest review and approval. Thanks 

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  by michelle2011 2011-11-23
thank you so much!!

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  by jcwriter1 2011-11-11
Requester approved article within 6 hours after submitting it - thank you. I look forward to writing for this requester in the future. 


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