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  by judekim 2014-02-24 for Article: Teak Patio Furniture
Thank you for the approval. Hope we can work together again.  

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  by alex192 2014-02-24 for Article: A Deeper Insight Into Wrought Iron Patio Furniture
Thanks, I am available for special requests too! 

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  by born18 2014-02-19 for Article: What Type Of Patio Furniture Is Best For You?
I enjoyed the project. Thanks!! CHEERS :) 

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  by pruthi 2014-02-18 for Article: Tips to Choose the Best Outdoor Rocking Chairs

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  by D E Bradley 2014-02-12 for Article: A Guide To Choosing The Best Outdoor Chairs For Your Garden In 2014
Thanks for the great rating and fast response 

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  by D E Bradley 2014-02-11 for Article: Detering Troublesome Squirrels With Some Simple Tricks And Clever Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders
Thanks for the great rating and speedy response 

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  by born18 2014-02-11 for Article: Everything You Need To Know About Adirondack Chairs
I am very glad you like it. Thanks for the kind words. I am available for special writing requests.  

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  by porcupine 2014-02-09 for Article: Great DIY Ideas To Reuse, Decorate or Repurpose Wooden Folding Chairs
Thank you! Appreciate the rating and comment. Do send a special request if you need more articles written.  

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  by icarus 2014-02-07 for Article: Types of Bird Feeders

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  by bonke2013 2014-01-31 for Article: Baggo - A Great FamilyBackyard Game

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  by NawazishKapil 2014-01-31
Thank you. I am glad you liked it! I am also available for special requests. 


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