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  by nathsiwriter 2012-02-02 for Article: An occupational therapist salary is higher than most!
Great requester to work with! 

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  by nathsiwriter 2012-02-02 for Article: Educational requirements for an Occupational Therapist!

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  by nathsiwriter 2012-02-02 for Article: Occupational Therapy is a diverse field!
Good requester! A pleasure working with you. 

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  by nathsiwriter 2012-01-12 for Article: Why chiropractic treatment is crucial after an auto accident!
GREAT requester! 

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  by MelSperryn 2011-12-15 for Article: Earn a Good Salary as an Ultrasound Technician
This requester has a very cooperative attitude. I would recommend him to anyone 

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  by Jessy Shibu 2011-12-15 for Article: Overview of X-ray Technician Jobs
Thanks a lot. I would like to work for you more. Kindly send me special requests. 

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  by flowriter 2011-12-06 for Article: Understanding Cardiology
No response at all, left it to iwriter to accept and pay article. 

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  by peyton 2011-12-03 for Article: Medical Sonography: What Is It And How Is It Used?
Thank you for your quick approval!! It is greatly appreciated!!!! 

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  by JenniferLord 2011-12-02 for Article: Sonogram Technician: All About The Job

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  by elfe_cabanas 2011-11-21 for Article: The Growing Importance of Echocardiogram
thanks a lot! 


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