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  by AtenaT 2013-04-08 for Article: ”Dog Food For Life” E-Book Review
Thank you so much, sir! Your uplifting and warm feedback, fast approval, rating and generous tip are greatly appreciated. An exceptional requester, considerate and very generous, considering the amount paid for the article. Highly recommended! 

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  by swapnamanoj 2012-12-11 for Article: Cuisinart-SM-55BC-2-Quart-12-Speed Stand Mixer Review
Thank you for the approval and great review.  

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  by anagha_709 2012-12-11 for Article: A Good Mixer Can Be A Boon In Your Kitchen
Thank you. four stars are a bit disappointing though! 

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  by Anup Mahajan 2012-12-10 for Article: Stand Mixer - Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Review
Thanks for fast approval and a great review. Would love to write for you in future! 

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  by on1k3n 2012-01-13 for Article: Garbage Disposal - A Must Have For The Kitchen
Thank you for the positive feedback. 

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  by fortunebearer 2012-01-06 for Article: Storage Sheds - The Best Woodworking Plan You Can Use


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