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  by steffeena 2013-03-26 for Article: Simple Beach Wedding Ideas
thanks. :) 

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  by Wshngstr 2013-03-22 for Article: Creative Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas
Thank you for approval and quick rating! 

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  by dhoxtot 2013-03-21 for Article: Fabulous Beach Theme Wedding Ideas
Thank you for the approval and the great feedback. 

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  by princessjessicasue 2013-03-21 for Article: Beach Wedding Receptions, Parties With Endless Possibilities
great requester to work with! 

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  by LBerang 2012-01-22 for Article: Overbite
It was a pleasure writing for this requester. Thank you kindly for the prompt payment. 

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  by Bruce Mandere 2012-01-20 for Article: The importance of regular dental check ups
Thank you for your feedback and kind review. What should I do to get a 5 star for your next articles in queue?? 

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  by snowdrop 2011-11-20 for Article: Culprits of Tooth Decay in Children and How to Handle Them.

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  by Lakshmi S 2011-11-20 for Article: Baby bottle decay
Thank You.I enjoyed writingt his article. 

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  by dg1884 2011-11-17 for Article: Treating Bruxism In Children


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