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  by alexis712 2013-08-06 for Article: Composting the Bokashi Way - An Easy and Fast Method to Make Compost Out of Your Kitchen Waste
thanks! hope to write more of your articles soon.  

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  by DennisWaldman 2013-08-05 for Article: What to Consider When Buying Compost Bins
Thank you for the quick review and the high ranking. I hope to write more for you in the future.  

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  by salman.rvf 2013-08-05 for Article: 12 Tips and Strategies to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Compost Barrel
Clear instructions and fast approval. 

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  by jamesporr 2013-08-05 for Article: Tips on What to Look for When You Buy Compost
Super fast approval and nice rating. Thanks this is a top requester! 

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  by paulwrites 2012-10-22 for Article: How to Use a Compost Tumbler
Straightforward instructions, fast approval, and a generous rating. Thank you so much. Please keep me in mind for future projects! 

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  by TLLarson 2012-10-21 for Article: Five Mistakes You Are Probably Making With Your Compost Pile
Thanks very much! 

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  by Mercian 2012-09-26 for Article: A guide to buying budget High Tops

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  by rpineiro 2012-09-25 for Article: Red High Tops
clear instructions, fast approval, and great feedback. Thank you! 

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  by WebWriters_old 2012-09-24 for Article: Rock the Retro Style in Yellow High Tops
Many thanks - I enjoyed writing these! Looking forward to working for you again in the future. 

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  by WebWriters_old 2012-09-24 for Article: Purple High Tops the Latest Skate Shoe Trend
Thank you very much for the fast approval and rating! 

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  by suzanne8 2012-07-06
Thanks for your approval! 

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  by amontyb 2012-07-04
Clear instructions, fast approval, great requester  

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  by Hal Gall 2012-07-04

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  by hscapewell 2011-11-19
Very fast payment, great instructions, and a pleasure to write for! 


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