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  by shaun30 2012-11-24 for Article: Hypertrophy Training- 5 Tips to Quickly Build Muscle and Look Great
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  by PrinceStringer 2012-08-07 for Article: Healing The Root: The Base Chakra
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  by Charles OBrien 2012-08-07 for Article: A Handy Guide on Navel Chakra
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  by Charles OBrien 2012-08-06 for Article: Making Sense of Sacral Chakra
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  by gordious 2012-08-06 for Article: Throat Chakra.
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  by elfe_cabanas 2011-12-11 for Article: Hyperhidrosis and Treatment Options to Stop Sweaty Armpits

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  by mikesonko 2011-12-09 for Article: How to stop sweaty armpits
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