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  by manjuingat 2013-11-26 for Article: Condo-A Good investment

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  by ilovewriting 2011-12-25 for Article: Decoding the EnerGuide Rating: How does it Help You?
Thanks for the quick response! 

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  by riaz66 2011-12-22 for Article: Living in the Suburbs
It was really nice working with you. Good communication, nice guy. Thanks Joe 

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  by gjdrodriguez 2011-12-21 for Article: Condominium Must Haves
Thanks again! 

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  by maddysummit 2011-12-21 for Article: Electric BBQ's are the Modern Way to Grill
Clear and easy to work with you. Thank you.  

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  by gapmunky 2011-12-21 for Article: Living in a Condo
An interesting subject to write about 

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  by Priya Haribhaskar 2011-12-21 for Article: Things to do for owners while leasing a condo
Thanks Joe...looking forward to work with you again! 

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  by gjdrodriguez 2011-12-21 for Article: Condominium: Living a High Life
Thanks! Looking forward to writing for you again. 

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  by Rookster 2011-12-20 for Article: Condo ownership and rental. Is is for you?
Thank you ! 

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  by Priya Haribhaskar 2011-12-20 for Article: Modern condos - a lifestyle enhancer

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  by KateeRallos 2011-12-19
Thanks! I'll do keep that in mind. Have a great day! 

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  by RaineC 2011-12-19
Thanks again for the quick approval. 

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  by RaineC 2011-12-18
Thank you for the kind comments and the tip.
Fast approval, would like to write for this requester again.  

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  by tansfaal 2011-12-18
Thank you for your kind comment. 

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  by twforever 2011-12-17

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  by tansfaal 2011-12-17
Thank you! 


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