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Rejected on 2013-07-01 for Article: Accommodation in Betws-y-Coed

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  by 1masha 2013-06-25 for Article: Betws-y-coed

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  by harridave 2013-06-25 for Article: Where is Betws-y-Coed?

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  by mfarnsworth 2012-02-18 for Article:

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  by bestwriter 2012-02-10 for Article: Tree Services in Vermont
Thanks for your approval. Was expecting a 5 star rating though! 

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  by Raden2011 2012-02-10 for Article: The environment and Tree Trimming Service in New Hampshire
Thank you for your acceptance. 

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  by ityler 2012-02-08 for Article: Tree service Companies in Vermont & New Hampshire
Thank you. 

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  by CLEMENT Mwangi 2012-02-07 for Article: Why You Should Hire Tree Clearing Service-Vermont
Thank you! 

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  by nextwriter 2011-12-30 for Article: Designing E-Book Covers

Please have a look and comment accordingly. 

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  by Saghipatni 2011-12-29 for Article: Cover :The first impression
Thank you so much.. It was my first article. Really appreciate. 

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  by Eury57 2011-12-28
Nice turnaround time, given our different locations, and I always appreciate kind words with the star rating. Thanks! 

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  by pinkray 2011-12-28
Yipee! my first attempt on iWriter. this is a watershed moment :) means a lot. thank you 

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  by fredomulo 2011-12-27


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