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  by olivethabo 2013-04-19 for Article:

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  by Itay Shahar 2013-03-30 for Article: Baby Shoe Size - An Underrated Matter!
Was a great pleasure to write on the topic, glad you liked it. If you need any more writings, please feel free to add me to your favorite list and I'll write anything you throw at me.. Thanks again! 

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  by meredithc 2012-01-06 for Article: Simple Weight Loss
Thanks so much! 

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  by dsilvaanita 2012-01-01 for Article: Exercise for Weight Loss and Fitness
Thank you so much for appreciating my work and also for the tip. 

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  by wisewriter 2012-01-01 for Article: Anorexia and Bulimia
Thank you too. I appreciate your fast approval and positive rating. 

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  by Kate34 2012-01-01 for Article: The truth about piano lessons!
I didn't have any contact with the requester. He took most of the time to approve. I'm not entirely sure how long but over 2 day and 12 hrs. Good person I'm sure!:) 

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  by Haidii 2011-12-28 for Article: Piano Lessons
Thank you very much. Happy New Year! 

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  by jenwritesforyou 2011-12-28 for Article: How to play the piano
Thank you for the great review! Really enjoy working with you! 

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  by aharlow 2011-12-27 for Article: Weight Loss on the South Beach Diet
Thank you for a fast review. 


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