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  by Kempes 2012-10-29 for Article: Must-Have Kitchen Appliance
Much obliged. If you like the writing style, feel free to send me requests. 

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  by ndalobiro 2012-10-28 for Article: Top Kitchen Accessories

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  by Nanua2 2012-07-05 for Article: Tourette's Syndrome

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  by Pia Rica Romano 2012-01-14 for Article: Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD)
Thank you very much! :D 

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  by chaujka 2012-01-02 for Article: The Diabetes Epidemic - Can it be curbed?
A super awesome requester. Thanks for the quick approval and the very generous tip. I am also very glad that you liked the article. 

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  by Arlene McKanic 2011-12-31 for Article: Diabetes Signs and Symptoms
Thank you!! 

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  by joelwrites 2011-12-31 for Article: American idol steps & tips to audition, a contestants singing talent (what the judges look for)
Thanks for accepting! Please let me know if you need any more articles written, as I love this niche. Thanks! 

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  by Mjoelle 2011-12-31 for Article: The Life & Careers After American Idol.
Thank you so much for the great feedback! Very fast approval as well! 


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