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  by Saad Naveed Bari 2012-05-15 for Article: Strategies to Eliminate or Reduce Credit Card Debt
Thanks for the five star rating. 

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  by Nicxie 2012-05-15 for Article: What to Look for in a Credit card offer.
Thanks for the rating and the tip.  

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  by smartvic 2012-05-12 for Article: Steps to Managing your Credit: Changing your Mindset towards Debt

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  by myrahunter 2012-05-12 for Article: Get Out of Debt and Stay Out of Debt
Let me know what was wrong and I will do better next time. good directions, good turnaround. 

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  by myrahunter 2012-05-10 for Article: 7 Tips to Erase Credit Card Debt
good directions, quick turnaround 

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  by srilalitarun 2011-09-07 for Article: Some treatments of kidney stone
Thank you 

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  by Hafiz Saadon 2011-09-05 for Article: Passing Kidney Stones, the Natural Way
It's a great project. Thank you. Very useful for myself too, since im a med student. 

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  by maheshwar ajja 2011-09-05 for Article: DEIT PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN ANNIHILATING KIDNEY STONES

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  by jtomkins 2011-09-05 for Article: Dietary control of kidney stones.
Thank you for the task and also the fast response. may be we can interact for future projects.  

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  by Nick Giacobe 2011-09-04 for Article: Avoid these kidney stone surgeries with the proper diet
Got paid fast! Would love to work for you again. 


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