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  by cwingfield322 2014-05-06 for Article: Andean Mysticism and the Despacho Ceremony
Super glad you were so happy with the article! Awesome requester, 5 stars for sure, can't wait to work with again! Amazing communication! :) 

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  by tajmenz 2014-04-19 for Article: The Harvest Trail: fund your travels working at international wineries
Excellent requester. It was a pleasure writing for you again. 

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  by jerichomccune 2014-04-15 for Article: Top 6 Reasons Families Should Consider Vacationing in Dubai

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  by tajmenz 2014-04-10 for Article: Top 10 indisputable benefits of long term family travel
Excellent requester. It was a pleasure writing for you. Thank you for your clear instructions, kind comment and prompt approval. 

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  by nderitu1 2014-03-11 for Article: EXPLORING ECUADOR'S RUTA DEL SOL
Thanks a lot

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  by risikanta 2014-03-05 for Article: Exploring Ecuador's Ruta del Sol

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  by Freddie Kirstoff 2014-03-04 for Article: The Story Of The Oldest Archeological Site In The Americas- Visiting Caral
Thank you for the 4 star rating. :D 


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