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Jim Schibly
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  by SdShadab 2012-02-26 for Article: The Role Of A Machinist

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  by joricam 2012-02-25 for Article: Looking for non-Stop Elk Hunting Action?
Nice to work with, I recommend it and would love to work with again if the opportunity is given. Best Regards. Joricam 

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  by rojohcinco 2012-02-18 for Article: Guided Deer Hunts
Thank you 

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  by vksarahs1 2012-02-17 for Article: Little Tex Hunts - Trophy Whitetail Hunts!
Quick approval but would like a bit of detail on what I could have done better I noticed a 3 star rating and was hoping for a friendly piece of advice to help me improve! Thank you for your approval!  

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  by tamarawilhite 2012-02-13 for Article: An overview of precision manufacturing


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