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  by Nanua2 2012-08-18 for Article: Facebook Open Graph
I offer excellent quality work and take pride on my work and deliver tailored services to meet all the clients' needs.
Thanks In Advance


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  by zaitun22 2012-08-16 for Article: Facebook Advertising

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  by Rggranada 2012-08-13 for Article: How to Use Pinterest for Business

Thank You for accepting...Best Regards... 

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  by fredywriter 2012-03-29 for Article: Firefighter interview tips and advice

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  by igorivanov 2012-03-28 for Article: Correctional Officer Interview Tips

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  by Pminhas 2012-03-27 for Article: California Firefighter Requirements
Thank you for the positive review Mr. Jamison. I was very surprised you accepted the article as I looked at it after and Iwriter clumped my paragraph title and the bullet point form together. Hopefully it was not too much trouble to fix up. Take care 

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  by megha1708 2012-02-02 for Article: Yoga for the mind, body and soul

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  by ELIXIR OFLIFE 2012-02-02 for Article: Firefighter Certifications
Thank you for the prompt approval and honest review. :) More power! 

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  by Saad Naveed Bari 2012-01-31 for Article: Correctional Officer Training is Necessary to Suceed in this Career
You're welcome. Thanks for the positive feedback and five star rating. 

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  by askigirl 2012-01-31 for Article: Tips to impress in a firefighter job interview
Thanks for the review and the tip.... 

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  by Jamie Myles 2012-01-31
Thank you for fast acceptence and great rating. Much appreciated. 

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  by christine 2012-01-31
Very unfortunate, but it is not my mistake. I have noticed something wrong with the iwriter text submission page in the past few days.
I wish I had got a 5-star, would have meant a lot.
Thank you.  

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  by Karlwithakay 2012-01-31
super fast article approval. Thanks! 

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  by mobydick 2012-01-27
thanks... would be a pleasure to work with you again 

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  by angelaz 2012-01-26
thanks alot 

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  by leonard 2012-01-25
that is very kind of you. thank you. 

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  by helena_san 2012-01-24
Great employer! Thanks for the rating and fast approval! :) 


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