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  by ddhawkins63 2012-06-11 for Article: Benefits of Early Blood Pressure Monitoring
Thank you! 

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  by ddhawkins63 2012-06-11 for Article: Bad Habits that Cause High Blood Pressure
Such a great client! Great to work for! 

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  by ddhawkins63 2012-06-07 for Article: How to Lower High Blood Pressure Fast
Excellent client. Fast turn around, great review. Thank you. Look forward to working with you more! 

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  by ddhawkins63 2012-05-21 for Article: Blood Pressure Facts
Excellent client. Extremely fast approval and great review. Would love to do more work for you! 

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  by OhDutchess 2012-03-08 for Article: Advice On How To Heal My Broken Relationship, Ways To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back, and How to Save Our Relationship
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your tip, too. This article was a real challenge to write. I'm so glad that my creation pleased you so much. 

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  by Wordpixie 2012-03-08 for Article: Should I get my ex back?
Thank you for your review! I'm glad you enjoy my work!  

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  by gregarious1987 2012-03-05 for Article: How to stop a divorce and how to get your ex back.
Thank you for the fast response. Hope to share more work in future. 

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  by brad_workaholic80 2012-03-05 for Article: ways to save your relation and get your ex back in your life

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  by kui alice 2012-02-12 for Article: How To Get My Ex Back

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  by obademoon 2012-02-12 for Article: Simple guide to get your ex back

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  by bukola 2012-02-12
Thanks for the quick approval and the tip Gary. It was really nice working on your article. 


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