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  by Asuka005 2012-08-28 for Article: The Return of the Protoss President

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  by Philip S 2012-03-15 for Article: New StarCraft 2 Maps For Season 7 Ladder Games

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  by Philip S 2012-03-15 for Article: Blizzard Announces New StarCraft 2 Patch Details
Great guy, no problem clear and easy to understand instructions 

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  by Prodigy X 2012-03-12 for Article: Valve confirms DOTA 2 will have LAN; StarCraft 2 players eat your heart out
Thank you for 5 star - iWriter would not let me use quotes or hyperlinks despite this being a news story. 

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  by Asuka005 2012-03-10 for Article: What Happened to Genius and Looking Forward to IEM World Championship
Thank you for continuing to request me. 

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  by achishtie 2012-03-04 for Article: GSL 2012 Season One Finals Recap - DongRaeGu vs Genius
***** - good requester 

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  by Asuka005 2012-03-02 for Article: A GSL Finals to Remember
Enjoyed writing these articles, I'm passion in e-sports and want it to thrive. Thanks for the link!  

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  by Asuka005 2012-02-29 for Article: The First Steps Into Pay Per View and Breaking the Curse


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