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  by Kimberly Lawson 2012-03-30 for Article: Information on the Dangers and Side Effects of Sucralose
Thank you for accepting the article & the good feedback! Hope to work with you again.  

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  by Arlene McKanic 2012-03-27 for Article: The Benefits of Magnesium-L-Threonate

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  by barouz 2012-03-23 for Article: The Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation
Thank you. You however should indicate why you rejected my previous article (on sucralose) 

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  by bowclaire 2012-03-22 for Article: Benefits of DMSO
Thanks very much and you are welcome to send special requests.


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  by gregarious1987 2012-03-21 for Article: All about DMSO
Thanks for the good review. Hope we continue to work in future.  

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  by Dawn Hall 2012-03-20 for Article: UC II Chicken Cartilage: Relief for Arthritis Sufferers

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  by aizel.ebron 2012-03-19 for Article: D-mannose with Cran-Gyn DDS: Your Partner in Urinary Tract Health

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  by Billy Kings 2012-03-17 for Article: krill oil benefits.
thanks a lot. it would be a pleasure to work with you again 

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  by ShellC 2012-03-17 for Article: Chlorella: A Natural Food Source With Excellent Health Benefits
Interesting topic. Keywords were too general based on the site the requester wanted research done from. Site for research focused on a specific brand. Made the flow of the article a challenge.  

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  by Leeper 2012-03-15 for Article: Aspartame Dangers: The Not So Sweet Truth
This is a 5 star requester. Quick review, fair rating and helpful feedback. You want to write for them. Thank You. (-: 


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