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  by carlocurtis 2013-02-17 for Article: Dominate Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and be the Guide for Others

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  by stoverfour 2013-02-17 for Article: Playstation 3: A Marvel of Gaming Technology

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  by bosirewriter 2012-11-27 for Article: Tablet Computers

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  by aerosmith 2012-10-05 for Article: Complete Review for the Apple iPad2

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  by antwanmon 2012-06-07 for Article: LG Optimus Pad
Quick approval, pleasure to work with! 

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  by saintee 2012-06-07 for Article: A DETAILED REVIEW OF THE SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET.
thanks for the approval. i usually have fun writing your articles 

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  by patweex31 2012-05-20 for Article: Tablet Computers Factors to be Aware Of
Thank you so much!  

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  by Roya0629 2012-04-02 for Article: Choosing Something Meaningful: Vintage Engagement Rings
I loved doing the articles and would love to do more for this requester. 

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  by Roya0629 2012-04-02 for Article: An Old Fashioned Love: Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring
I appreciate the timely response and will do more articles if asked. 


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