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  by OleJeboor 2013-12-01 for Article: Evils Of Sugar: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Good requestor!!! 

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  by Kari F. 2013-01-23 for Article: Weight Loss Affirmations: A Key To Your Success
Thanks for the awesome (and quick) review!  

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  by alvarion 2013-01-23 for Article: 7 Tips For Controlling Your Hunger
Thank you so much!!! 

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  by Rett Fisher 2013-01-23 for Article: 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Muscle Building
Thanks! And thanks for the tip! 

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  by iGeorges 2013-01-22 for Article: 10 Proven Ways To Change Your Metabolism
Great requester!...Thanks a lot!!:) 

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  by bgray007 2013-01-21 for Article: Top 10 Tips For Maintaining A Positive Attitude When Exercising Or Losing Weight
Watch out writers as you follow their instructions then they make up excuses not to pay you for your work. A very poor requester who I am having to report to iwriter. 

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  by magicwriter 2012-10-17 for Article: How To Choose a Good Fat Loss Meal Plan
Thank you. 

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  by debstevens 2012-10-17 for Article: How to burn fat fast, but in a controlled and safe manner

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  by mablimbi 2012-10-17 for Article: 7 ways to burn fat while building muscle
Thanks a lot. You really made my day with your kid tip and nice comments :) feel free to send me special requests whenever you wish.  

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  by DebbyD 2012-07-21 for Article: Landstrom's Black Hills Gold Jewelry
Thanks..nice requester 

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  by WebWriters_old 2012-07-19
It was a pleasure to write! 

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  by shinigami.Mae 2012-06-01

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  by adrianwrites 2012-05-31
Thank you! 

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  by current_forever 2012-05-31
Thank you so much for the opportunity to write for you. 

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  by codesmithx 2012-05-22
It was a pleasure mamato. 

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  by Hana2012 2012-05-22
Thank you so much... 

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  by current_forever 2012-05-22
thank you so much! It was a pleasure to write for you. 


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