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  by Jwanana 2014-08-19 for Article: Ford Fiesta
Excellent informative feedback!And yes...I am always available to work on more article requests from you. 

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  by muraguri 2014-08-19 for Article: Volkswagen Golf Review (IN THE KEYWORD YOU MISSPELL "Volkswagen Golf" to "Volkswagon Golf" )
Thanks anyway, I wish you had seen the spelling error earlier.  

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  by khariukii 2014-08-18 for Article: Mitsubishi Lancer
fast approval. Excellent! 

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  by Child of Light 2014-08-18 for Article: "Mitsubishi Mirage - Car Review."
Thanks. A 4.5 or 5 star rating would be much appreciated. Take care! 

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  by hezbon 2014-08-18 for Article: Volkswagen beetle

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  by hezbon 2014-08-18 for Article: Ford focus
thanks , i would like to be your regular writer 


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