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  by CHRISTY1968 2013-12-11 for Article: Job Post Edit
Thank you for the approval . 

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  by news23 2013-12-03 for Article: Title: Statistician needed to build a predictive model (Irvine, CA)
Thanks a Bunch 

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  by mallorn-leaf 2012-07-31 for Article: Hacienda Realty Offers Bilingual Real Estate Services in Orange County
Excellent requester. Thanks for the tip! 

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  by parasbernard 2012-07-26 for Article: Comment for the whats my home worth tool.

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  by Jonathan Xuereb 2012-07-22 for Article: Review of "What's My Home Worth?"
Many thanks for your rating and for the tip! 

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  by DebbyD 2012-07-21 for Article: My Actual Restuarant Review
Super requester-left HUGE tip too... 

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  by angelk 2012-07-19 for Article: Santa Ana Real Estate - Comment for webpage
Thank you very much for the approval and top ratings! And the tip was truly truly appreciated! Thanks! Working with you again would be great! Cheers! 

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  by writergirl28 2012-07-19 for Article: Useful Site for Santa Ana Real Estate Information

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  by jeeyan_iwriter 2012-07-18 for Article: http://www.aliciashomes.com/video-posts/
thanks for the approval sir! 

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  by M. Montano 2012-07-17 for Article: Comment
Thanks much. The tip was unexpected.:) Let me know if you need more articles. 

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  by barouz 2012-07-17
Thanks for the positive review. Thanks for the tip too! Would gladly work with you in your future projects! 

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  by grench 2012-07-17

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  by raszui 2012-07-17
Thanks for the approval. 

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  by kaziyangu 2012-07-17
Thanks for the positive review. Am glad that I worked for you:) 

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  by Eric Hodecker 2012-07-16
Thank you very much for the comments. I would be happy to write for you any time! 


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