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  by princessjessicasue 2013-03-05 for Article: It's Spring, A Refreshing Time For You And Your Wardrobe
Very easy to work with. 

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  by Vinny3001 2013-01-31 for Article: IRS Whistleblower Safety - What You Need To Understand
Very Fast. Thanks 

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  by millerhicks 2013-01-03 for Article: Benefits of the B.B.B.
Wonderful requester to work for. The instructions were very easy to follow. Review and acceptance of the article was extremely quick, as well! 

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  by keithwriter 2012-08-19 for Article: Computer Support
thanks for approval 

Rejected on 2012-08-01 for Article: Legal Services on Libradzul

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  by vairaprakash 2012-07-31 for Article: LDZ, A Great Resource for Finance promotions
Thanks for approval. 

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  by quency 2012-07-11 for Article: Gifts/Flowers at your fingertips!
Great to write again for you. Til next time 

Rejected on 2012-07-06 for Article: Movies/Videos/ Games on Libradzul

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  by shaunguidotti 2012-07-05 for Article: Photography

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  by bubi777 2012-07-04 for Article: Cellular and Movies

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  by akomen 2012-07-03
Thanks a lot!Am always available,please consider me for any future works.I will appreciatee if you send me special requests,nyc time 

Rejected on 2012-06-28

Rejected on 2012-06-26

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  by manojnir 2012-06-16
Thank you for approval. I will be happy to work for you again. 

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  by tamarawilhite 2012-06-15

Rejected on 2012-06-12

Rejected on 2012-06-12

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  by quency 2012-06-12
Hi, thanks for the approval.Til next time:) 

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  by johnsonmuriuki 2012-06-08
Thank you for the approval 


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