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  by Gerald01 2013-03-31 for Article: How to Make Your Eye Lashes Grow

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  by WordMasticator 2012-09-28 for Article: The Magic 8 of Fighting Acne
Thank you for your quick approval and your rating. I will do my best to produce great articles all the time. :) 

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  by Rett Fisher 2012-07-20 for Article: 5 Home Remedies for Clear Skin

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  by Kari F. 2012-07-20 for Article: 6 Tips For Getting Rid of Acne
You should leave reasons why you give four stars. It seems you do it quite a bit, and it's not fair to people who depend on the star system to earn money. Otherwise, reviewed quickly.  

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  by chaujka 2012-07-20 for Article: 3 Vitamins for Acne That Work
You hired my services so that I can give you deep but accurate research on your topic. Awarding me a 4 star rating just because you have never heard of some of the stated facts is gruesome. Thanks for the payment though. 

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  by Lutamark 2012-07-16 for Article: 5 Foods That Cause Acne
thank you. 

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  by crindia1988 2012-07-16 for Article: 5 tips on how to prevent acne
Thanks for your request 

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  by shaylief 2012-07-15 for Article: 6 Tips on How to Eliminate Whiteheads and Keep Them From Coming Back

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  by Vince Tyler 2012-07-15 for Article: What Is The Best Acne Rosacea Treatment? 6 Tips For Beating Acne Fast
Many thanks! 

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  by JLPS23 2012-07-15 for Article: 3 Causes of Rosacea
Thanks very much for the approval and kind review. It was a pleasure writing for you! 

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  by Jayantianubhav 2012-07-15
Thanks for your quick review and extremely sorry. I meant dab but by mistake wrote tad. :-) Will be more careful next time.  


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