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A web content writer with 8 years experience writing on a wide range of topics for US, UK, Australian, and Indian websites. I have also written for blogs and article directories.

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  by crazydog 2012-06-27 for Article: How To Avoid Unreliable And Unprofessional Online Auctions Websites?
looks very fine :-) 

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  by linkorbit 2012-04-07 for Article: What Do I Need To Know Before Buying A Second Home?

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  by imarket247 2012-04-07 for Article: Kiev Dating Agencies- Perfect If You Are Too Busy To Find Dates On Your Own
Content was good, but too general. You need to make it more relevant to the key phrase. Also write more about the selection of agencies available, dating agencies, marriage agencies etc in Kiev and for Kiev. Provide tips for selecting a good agency. 
Responded with comment: What prevented you from specifying your requirements in detail in advance? You gave very general requirements and rejected the article for being general? Other writers- contact the client and find out what he wants in clear terms before writing. 

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  by toddherman 2012-04-02 for Article: Tips To Identify Professional Leadership Programs Canada Services
Thank you kindly.  

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  by brianzeng 2012-04-01 for Article: Personalized Nameplate- A Fancy And Useful Gift That Will Always Be Appreciated

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  by rambloser 2012-04-01 for Article: The Best Soccer Uniforms And Soccer Jerseys Online
It is look loke spin Article and you have not follow my instrauction of keyword Density. 
Responded with comment: The language, wording and grammar used in the reason provided by the client-

It is look loke spin Article and you have not follow my instrauction of keyword Density

I never submit spun wor. Keywords instructions were followed to the last letter 

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  by Homesware 2012-04-01 for Article: Choose Good Hotel Towels Suppliers And What Your Reputation Zoom Higher

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  by mlah384 2012-03-26 for Article: Qualities Of Professional Divorce Attorneys
Bad English and bad grammar. Also, the article reads like it was spun. 

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  by sheprd 2012-03-26 for Article: Payday Loans- A Poor Credit Rating Is Not A Deal Breaker

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  by gecko1 2012-01-07 for Article: Best Coppell Heating And Air Conditioning Repair Firm- Consider These Minor But Important Points

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  by pvelinov 2011-12-16

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  by bhuwan7 2011-12-16
as per requirement 

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  by twistedfate 2011-11-07
Nicely written article. Great style, 

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  by guilloch 2011-10-22
Excellently written article - Well done - Keep up the good work

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  by twistedfate 2011-10-21
Excellent review article. 

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  by urbanrehabber 2011-10-20
Fine work. Articulate, thoughtful content. 

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  by 2terminal 2011-09-25
Nice. Just what I wanted.  

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  by gecko1 2011-09-25
great tips on the article for the readers. 

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  by odle13 2011-09-25
Well Written..thank you 


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