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My name is Douglas Matarazzo and words are my passion. I can guarantee that although you may find writers out there with more experience none will match the intensity I bring to the page. I enjoy keeping up to date on various different subject, including but not limited to, technology, politics, finance and many other topics, which I am sure will help to capture any target audience. Words can bring a reader to tears or inform them on any subject. They have the power to sway opinion and generate thoughts. Wielding this tool must be done with respect and caution. These tools are my passion.

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  by 2ary100$ 2011-11-15 for Article: Social Network DVD
Responded with comment: No proper review gave a 2 star review and did not explain. Not cool 

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  by bobpardue 2011-11-07 for Article: Maine Modeling Agencies
Good Job! 

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  by allanbronkovich 2011-10-24 for Article: Juicing at a Bargain

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  by MBtickets 2011-10-17 for Article: Week 1: Giants-Redskins
Sorry, doesn't meet my quality standards. Looks like you have a fair amount of content. But you mentioned weakened in almost every paragraph. Article didn't sound right when I was reading it.  

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  by scottschreiber 2011-10-05 for Article: How to Become an Entrepreneur
Basically a good article, but a couple of sentences were almost exact repeats of themselves, some minor clean up needs to be done. But all and all good work 

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  by yelkan 2011-09-28 for Article: Benefits of Green Tea
Ok. improve grammar and topical relevence. 

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  by msi0512 2011-09-26 for Article: The What and Why of Medical Coding Training
Quality of the article is good. Thank you. 


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