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I aim to provide well written articles, to the best of my ability. All my work is checked for spelling and grammatical errors before I submit it.

I find it difficult to understand how a certain requester has found "grammatical errors" within my work. So I will not attempt to work for them again.

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  by netmatrix 2011-11-03 for Article: A 2012 Calendar to Suit Everyone's Needs
Well written! 

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  by gavenus 2011-10-30 for Article: Euro Lottery Number x 5 + Lucky Star Number x 2 = 1 Euro Millions Line
Good article! 

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  by ArenaSize 2011-10-26 for Article: The Top 5 Beginner Electric Guitars List
Great Article. Thanks! 

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  by jacqui830 2011-10-26 for Article: Beautiful Black Pearl Jewellery, Perfect for 2011 Christmas Gifts
Great work! Will use again! 

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  by astronomy 2011-10-25 for Article: Smartphone Applications for Everything and Anything
Grammatical errors. 

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  by jez111 2011-10-23 for Article: Cufflinks will add that Extra Special Finishing Touch to any Shirt
top grade 

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  by twistedfate 2011-10-07 for Article: Vibrant, Soft and Bright Angry Birds Plush Toys
Excellent article 

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  by mahan92 2011-10-06 for Article: Be the Pumpkin King this Halloween with The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Deluxe Adult Costume
Great article written and quickly too! 

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  by Splend 2011-10-05 for Article: Beautiful and Simple, a Crystal Figurine
Good job simple but sells the product. 

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  by strategic58 2011-10-05 for Article: Look Great this Halloween with the Paper Magic Group Angry Birds Yellow Bird Mask.
OK review article, thank you. 

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  by rockknmike 2011-10-05
Good Work 

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  by giggity 2011-10-05
A++ this will be great.  

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  by iriegirl 2011-10-04

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  by v_dogg206 2011-10-04
Good article and delivered very fast. Thanks. 

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  by jeffw22 2011-10-03
Good article. Thanks. 

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  by twinmom 2011-10-03
Awesome article! Laser targeted to the product I want to promote. 

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  by tviggo 2011-10-01
Thanks for a good and fast written artikel. Very satisfied.

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  by Charge 2011-09-30

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  by MarkUpshaw 2011-09-29
Excellent, quick, and followed special instructions.  

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  by jumper 2011-09-29
Good, thank you 

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  by markgooch 2011-09-28

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  by cmilne 2011-09-27
very good article, would use again 


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