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My husband and I feel we have what it takes to write quality articles for you. We have a PhD and Bachelor's between us, with concentrations in English, ESL and education. In addition, we travel full time in our rv, which allows us the time and freedom necessary to relax and give our work 100% of our attention. Finally, we have our own rv blog and are extremely familiar with article marketing, SEO and the like. We work as a team...because two heads are better than one! Thank you so much for your consideration, Jim and Robin

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  by mikelinley 2012-12-14 for Article: America's Main Street: The Disappearance Of Local Shops

Responded with comment: The only instructions were to use the keyword "local shops." Have written for this person before - doesn't even sound like him in the review. Only instructions are to use a keyword 7-10 times on vague topics/keywords.  

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  by nubridges 2012-12-14 for Article: Brushed Nickel Bathroom Accessories For Sophisticated Elegance
Writer provided the perfect article for my lens. Highly recommended. 

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  by nubridges 2012-12-14 for Article: Black And White Bathroom Accessories Let Your Creativity Soar
Writer provided a very good article that was on point and had a personable style that I requested. 

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  by coby8740 2012-12-10 for Article: A World Of Compromised Immune Systems - Linking Cancer And Food
Great and interesting article. A little dogmatic, but clearly you enjoyed writing this one. Thank you. ;-) 

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  by brianzeng 2012-12-10 for Article: The Ultimate "How To Approach A Girl" Checklist For Success
poor quality 
Responded with comment: "Poor Quality" raises red flags for me, given it doesn't explain anything. I'm an elite writer on iwriter and the quality of my work has never been questioned. Be advised I will be watching closely to see this article doesn't appear elsewhere online. 

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  by gnomeman 2012-08-22 for Article: Take Only What You Need - The Top 10 Tips For Packing Light
Great job, fast turnaround.  

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  by georges 2012-08-22 for Article: Organizing In Style With Bathroom Furniture Sets
My favorite writer! 

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  by georges 2012-08-22 for Article: Get Your Bath Organized With These Top Bathroom Organization Ideas
Great stuff, as always! 

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  by fastdesign 2012-08-08 for Article: 3 Simple Tips On How To Cope With Anxiety, Today!

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  by ywate4 2012-08-07 for Article: The Best Online Businesses - Money For Today As Well As Tomorrow

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  by fastdesign 2012-08-07
great work. thanks.  

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  by fastdesign 2012-08-06
Excellent. Please write a few more for us.  

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  by turmune 2012-08-06

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  by simxela 2012-08-03
A quality article and a very quick work. Thanks! 

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  by jayestovall 2012-08-02

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  by Methodical 2012-07-30

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  by auradev 2012-07-27

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  by Fazermint 2012-07-26
Perfect as always - Thanks :) 

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  by Fazermint 2012-07-25
Top quality once again. The article is full of great informative information that is really useful for my readers. Many thanks :) 

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  by Fazermint 2012-07-20
Perfect - Thanks 

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  by Fazermint 2012-07-19
One of the best iWriters - Always top quality 

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  by STKinc 2012-07-18
Nice rewrite 

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  by Quidnunc 2012-07-08
Another fabulous assignment, some lovely added touches to make it come alive. Many thanks indeed. 

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  by Quidnunc 2012-06-25
Another top rate contribution. Thank you so much! 

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  by georges 2012-06-22
My favorite writer :) 

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