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Recently retired, I spent 38 years in education many of which I taught writing I also have some newspaper experience. Im looking for a way to supplement my retirement and make contacts

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  by leswilson 2012-04-03 for Article: Obama Ran Out of Gas

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  by marshie 2011-11-25 for Article: "Good" Writing Sells Ideas
Good English 

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  by marshie 2011-11-23 for Article: A Real (and Realistic) Education
This article didn't fulfill the brief. I wanted the article to focus on what Arabians can do with an education in the US to help their country, not to talk about assimilating Arabians into US culture via education. I can't use this article on my site 
Responded with comment: Marshie-Suggest you re-read the article. Check out the third to last paragraph beginning with "hopefully" and the final paragraph where there is specific mention of returning home Politics at variance with mine? Anti Israel. Hope you respond


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  by snavazio 2011-10-18 for Article: Obama's State of the Union-Part One
Great article, Thanks for taking the time to deliver a well thought out and written piece. I look forward to you writing more articles for me! 

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  by thruthelens06@gmail.com 2011-10-13 for Article: The Collapse- Is Too Much Down?

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  by endorfin 2011-10-12 for Article: My own Air Force!

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  by marshie 2011-10-12 for Article: Academic Alternatives for New Political leaders
Good English and a nice article to read. 

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  by rsabian 2011-10-08 for Article: The Big Three-CYA
was not a summary of the link provided 
Responded with comment: I screwed up. didn't read your instruction 

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  by NewWay 2011-10-06 for Article: Beyond New Ways of Thinling to The Revolution
I like the content and your use of the key issues Gregg, but your spelling and in some cases your grammar need work. I'll buy this article though it does mean I have to re-edit it for inclusion in my site. Thanks Gregg. 

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  by djparnell 2011-10-05 for Article: My Bank, My Rating, Our Loss


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