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  by lfabert 2012-03-21 for Article: Benefits of Hatha Yoga
The punctuation needs to be checked. There are some errors.

Thank You 

Rated with 
  by webular 2012-03-20 for Article: HCG Diet Tips
Way too many spelling and grammatical errors 

Rated with 
  by troy888 2012-03-20 for Article: what is medical billing and coding
Great work.


Rated with 
  by drumminlogan 2012-03-16 for Article: Causes of insomnia in women

Rated with 
  by webular 2012-03-15 for Article: HCG Diet Protocol
You had many grammatical errors 

Rated with 
  by lyttlem1 2012-03-14 for Article: Urinary Tract Infection
Good factual article well written 

Rated with 
  by SammyJayJay 2012-03-12 for Article: What You Must Know About Botched Plastic Surgery
Good information, a bit waywardly set out but I will work it out, thanks. 

Rated with 
  by lancesampson 2012-03-10 for Article: miami self storage
does not flow well and makes just no sense 

Rated with 
  by tmflex 2012-03-09 for Article: Muscle Building Supplements

Rated with 
  by ArticleRush 2012-03-08 for Article: Low sodium levels
Great article, does what I needed it, you respected my request. I hope I will collaborate with you further.


Rated with 
  by scottm74 2012-03-07
Decent article but not what I'm looking for. Thanks for the effort. 

Rated with 
  by tom3434 2012-03-06

Rated with 
  by Charlie123 2012-03-06

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  by dimpil1 2012-03-03
Needs to relate to the topic of the links provided. The hCG diet and about specifically the products that links were given for. 

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  by troy888 2012-03-02
Good quality article delivered  

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  by sohail36 2012-02-28
Great Article..thank you :) 

Rated with 
  by hantge 2012-02-28
not enough factual information 

Rated with 
  by aidenmackle 2012-02-27
Really bad grammar. 

Rated with 
  by paisan 2012-02-26
Clear, concise & easily readable. Well Done.  

Rated with 
  by ericd2 2012-02-23

Rated with 
  by digitalsolution 2012-02-22
Thank you, followed directions well.Did have a few incorrect spellings though. 

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  by rodav120 2012-02-20
Full of grammatical and sentence structure errors. Article barely covers the topic supplied.  

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  by Ryken01 2012-02-20
The article is similar to my other articles I've already received. I want be needing this article. 

Rated with 
  by jez111 2012-02-19

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  by zookeeper 2012-02-17
The article just states recumbent bike's facts and it's very dry and doesn't have the friendly tone. The formatting is also problematic in this article, particularly the paragraphing portion. 

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