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  by AdPlus 2014-06-16 for Article: Marquis's Brutality Is Now A Matter Of Court Ruling - Brittny Walking Away From The Cursed Bond
Thank you for your submission, the article doesn't make sense due to a number of grammar errors, and quite repetitive, we cannot accept this. But thanks again for your efforts. 

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  by evolutioncycles 2014-06-15 for Article: The Cannondale - A Journey From Pickle's Factory Rooftop To Industry's The Best
I think that this is a spun article. English is bad and unnatural. 

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  by titusoid 2014-06-15 for Article: Videography - The Art Of Capturing Life

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  by Bennys 2014-06-15 for Article: Kayaks For Sale - The Complete Buyers Guide
Hey buddy,

I really appreciate your time, believe me. Though I see that there are actually quite a lot of grammatical errors in this article. I like the length and the keyword density but if I( a Dane) can spot these then so can English speakers. 
Responded with comment: I believed you would be asking for a revision since the work and the time budgeted for it was not sufficient enough. You could ask for a revision than rejecting it straight away. Pathetic.  

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  by unknown_zero 2014-06-14 for Article: Learn The Secrets Of How To Get A Girl To Have Sex With You?

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  by mamatvirus 2014-06-13 for Article: FakeOFF - Turn Your Fake Facebook Friends Off For Ever
wow... good job :) 


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