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  by romioaa 2013-11-18 for Article: All you need to know about Web Structure and internal links
Need a higher level of english 

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  by neuewavemedia 2013-05-02 for Article: Top Seo Tips - How to Affect Positioning Hosting?
poor wording, does not read well 

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  by DatingMag 2013-05-02 for Article: Exciting Real Life Love Stories of Men and Women
unfortunately not what i'm looking for 

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  by neuewavemedia 2013-05-01 for Article: Choose the Best Search Engine Optimization Company

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  by Stopper 2011-12-16 for Article: Women Can Overcome Their Partners Stripper Cheat
I do not want solutions. My book is the solution. Thank you for trying. 
Responded with comment: thanks 

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  by socialrob 2011-11-26 for Article: Top Five Anti Aging Super Foods
This is second article rejected. Bad grammar, NOT expert level suitable for high traffic site. I am wondering if I ordered wrong? If possibly during process I accidentally ordered beginning level opposed to advanced? wondering if I should re order? 

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  by crimsonmerc 2011-11-22 for Article: How To Repair Damaged Hair?
Article did not make any sense. IE. Hair consists of three layers cortex, medulla, and cuticle. (You should then go into explaining these. Instead you went on with... Damaged hair looks hard, brittle to touch, and prone to split ends.)  
Responded with comment: This article was not that bad to reject. Anyways thanks for your feedback. 

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  by RainDance 2011-11-18 for Article: Frequent Headaches

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  by ddbb77 2011-11-16 for Article: ELECTRICIAN
good article 

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  by brianwelsh 2011-11-06 for Article: VTech InnoTab Review
Great thanks 

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  by Frank2182 2011-10-19

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  by viper1 2011-10-17
the writer followed instructions and was happy with the end product 


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