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  by naraveet 2011-11-03 for Article: Ukash bingo
Please proofread the article before you submit it 

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  by chadananda 2011-11-02 for Article: Jungle Disk backup service
Sorry, writing quality is too low for my standards. 
Responded with comment: Okay sorry I didn't meet your needs. 

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  by demeva 2011-10-31 for Article: Research and Development Tax Credits
Writer has not read the instructions 
Responded with comment: confusing..  

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  by newquestions 2011-10-30 for Article: How to become a good copy-writer and improve your material
Excellent article. Well written and well priced :) Highly recommended! AAAA+++++++ 

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  by goherefordshire 2011-10-30 for Article: Herefordshire restaurants
Good general article, couple of spelling mistakes ie wine was spelt whine 

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  by entertowin 2011-10-30 for Article: Difference between the 2012 Ford SVT Raptor and the King Ranch
This article has no flow and is hard to follow. This reads like you went to the "paragraph fish bowl" and plucked paragraphs of Ford Raptor information and attempted to put them together into a story. You failed. 
Responded with comment: okay, sorry it wasn't good enough. 

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  by etrader01 2011-10-29 for Article: The Gelert Newland four man tent
Great thanks 

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  by goherefordshire 2011-10-29 for Article: Restaurants in Herefordshire
Requested and article on Herefordshire restaurants. I stated not to mention Restaurant names and the whole article names specific restaurants by name. 
Responded with comment: Okay, sorry it wasn't good enough.. 

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  by gfuller28 2011-10-27 for Article: Where to buy Xia Xia hermet crabs

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  by demeva 2011-10-22 for Article: R&D Tax Credit Rules
Reads like an advert, when it should be neutral, i.e. not self promoting. 
Responded with comment: I thought this was a pretty good article. I wonder why it didn't get approved? 

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  by kelvin 2011-10-21
Useful though a little confused. 

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  by Zardof 2011-10-19
The article is not specifically about the product, and does not mention the actual product or Keyword. 
Responded with comment: don't understand why my article was rejected. 

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  by ProArticles 2011-10-17
I bit general, but i like how it is written. Thanks!  

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  by vanduyse 2011-10-17
Please create a proper title for the article (not just keyword), have the keyword in 1st paragraph, focus on keyword, not mesothelioma as such. 

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  by catmanwagner 2011-10-16
Very well done 

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  by youngcow 2011-10-15
Good work. 

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  by Moonbeam 2011-10-13
Comment was removed by admin
Responded with comment: This requester rejected my post and I don't know why because I did everything they asked for. 


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