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I have a passion for writing on most topics although my favorite topics are within home and family and businesses being run from home. I love internet marketing and learning how to do web design. It would be great to get hooked up with a certain type of person and write regular articles for him or her

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  by vanished 2012-07-02

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  by kaidcorp 2012-06-29
Fabulous: Thanks Rick 

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  by wildeagle 2012-06-29
not proofread, several errors in content.  

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  by socialista 2012-06-27
Neat Job. Clear and easy flow. And well-researched and sharp writing too.  

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  by cyberartmarketing 2012-06-24
Very good flow. Nice article. Thanks 

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  by floshow25 2012-06-21
Article was well written and comprehensive  

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  by Gettoppage 2012-06-20
Good job 

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  by paulhollowayseo 2012-06-19
thank you 

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  by Himpy1878 2012-06-14
Just what was required! 

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  by stenostar 2012-06-13
not same with instruction. 
Responded with comment: Your reason for rejection is wrong. The instructions was followed. Have a good life. I hope you get what you are looking for 

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  by michellechurch 2012-06-13
I like it...and even learned something myself...THANKS! 

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  by VitaRank 2012-05-23

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  by howie418 2012-05-20
Good article, but the use of bullet points might not work everywhere these are going to. I can fix. Thank you. 

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  by mrbrown77 2012-05-18

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  by linkorbit 2012-05-18

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  by paziendali 2012-05-10

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  by FrankieYeoh 2012-05-08
Sorry, I dunno why the project on public...I already have my own writter. 

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  by dirsource1 2012-04-25
did a good job, used creativity to make my keywords work! 

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  by benben 2012-04-23
great article, thanks 

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  by leovidal 2012-04-18
The article does not address the topic directly, so it is not "on point." Also, the article repeats itself. That is, the same paragraph appears twice within the same article. This shows great carelessness and inferior quality. 
Responded with comment: I don't know why you rejected it  

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  by coby8740 2012-04-14
The article started off fantastic. The guidelines were not followed. 
Responded with comment: Sorry to disappoint - I thought I had it in the bag. Maybe next time  

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  by rockpaper 2012-04-13
Nice job 

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  by richguzman 2012-04-11

Rated with 
  by richguzman 2012-04-08

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  by ClintAButler 2012-03-26
It reads horribly, looks like five paragraphs of questions 
Responded with comment: sorry you feel that way 

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