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A Native English Speaker. MSc in Clinical Psychology. Advanced work with children with Learning Disabilities, Inclusive Education and School Improvement Programmes. I can write well on most topics but my specialities include

Organizational Behaviour
Personality Development
Time Management
Self Help
Current Affairs

I am an avid gamer and I enjoy writing reviews on games. I am also an artist and an amateur pastry chef.

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  by brettlevert 2013-12-20 for Article: Economic Reason to Support Local Breweries

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  by jonnnydigital 2013-12-19 for Article: How to throw a Flavor Tripping party with Miracle Fruit

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  by manbooobs 2013-12-18 for Article: Marketing the Snapchat Way
You're a rockstar. 

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  by Anjiflorie 2013-12-17 for Article: Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve in Sikkim
Did not follow the instructions  

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  by Sanneluna 2013-12-17 for Article: Getting the right Nutrition in a Vegan Diet

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  by alexseo 2013-11-10 for Article: Dress your baby up in style in the comfort of your home
Sorry but the quality that I need is not there. Thanks for giving it a go. 

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  by desireeramjohn 2013-11-08 for Article: Reflexology Techniques and their Benefits

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  by traffics 2013-09-24 for Article: Exciting features of the Barbie Dreamhouse

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  by HealthFreaks 2013-09-01 for Article: Dolphin Facts !

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  by peterman 2013-08-31 for Article: Find someone to spend the best years of your life with!

Rated with 
  by peterman 2013-08-31

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  by davidalpha1 2013-07-09

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  by mayateam 2013-06-25

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  by fifaliga 2013-06-24

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  by SammyParker 2013-06-24
Article does not meet required standard 
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  by alexseo 2013-06-24
I'm sorry but I need more quality article.  
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  by anatsalman 2013-06-23
DEAR Febwed,
thank u very much for the story, your writting was exactelly what i wanted, you created wonderful situations, funny,sensitive, joyfull.
I would certainty ask you to write for me again.

Rated with 
  by dazwriter 2013-06-23
sorry i had to reject just didn't like the writing style for this one 

Rated with 
  by dazwriter 2013-06-21
Excellent, well written article. Many thanks! 

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  by alexseo 2013-06-20
Love it! Thank you. 

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  by belle_isuccesshub 2013-06-19
Good but please provide better titles next time. 

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  by alexseo 2013-06-19
Great! Thanks! 

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  by vilhar 2013-06-19
Good article. I would definitely use this writer again. 

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  by NatashaTEAM 2013-06-18
I really enjoyed it. Thank you ever so much. A GREAT article 

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  by alexseo 2013-06-18

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