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  by cordonez7 2011-10-25
very good 

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  by ecompenterprises 2011-10-25
Satisfactorily completed the request. 

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  by zvirtual 2011-10-25
Thank You! Well-written and has a great flow. 

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  by donatetimeshares 2011-10-25
You still have run-on sentences and please read over your article. A lot of your wording doesnt make sense. EX: Lot of charitable organizations are interested..  
Responded with comment: what is wrong with that sentence?  

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  by victoria 2011-10-25
Keyword not in article but otherwise well written 

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  by yesdave 2011-10-25
Poor English grammar and more importantly the keyword was not used 
Responded with comment: I didn't get your point. It was exactly as per your instructions. A humble request to you people - Please read your instructions against the article and then review.  

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  by jakrapatra 2011-10-24
I would gladly offer you a tip to write me a better quality of inviting visitors to digg into my sites as the objective of this requests has mention. Your article was good but its not what I want, please try again. 

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  by nibin_blessy 2011-10-24
Not relevant to requested. I requested about, how a best seo company can explain its good effects. This article is explaining the necessity of SEO. I need the most effective methods, and convincing factors for customers to select this SEO company.  

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  by donatetimeshares 2011-10-24
If you could just fix some things. Grammar & spelling first of all. Some of your sentences dont make sense. You have commas in places that dont belong. trouble free & hassle free is practically the same.5th & 7th sentence change it. 
Responded with comment: Thanks for the detailed review. I have fixed the issues you have suggested, and written the article again. Please check 

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  by plenkefi 2011-10-24
poor effort.  
Responded with comment: Poor review. He just wrote "poor effort".  

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