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I'm a graduate with a Major in History, currently in my Final year of Masters in the same.

Been working as a freelancer for local magazines and newspapers since December, 2008. Worked as a content writer under a friend in December, 2009. Joined iWriter on the 16th of October, 2011.

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  by anzori1979 2011-10-27 for Article: How to Increase Penis Size
Sorry. It is not good article. Thanks  
Responded with comment: its okay.. 

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  by piblji 2011-10-27 for Article: What is Mole

Rated with 
  by piblji 2011-10-27 for Article: Dating In Bangalore

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  by jerrymarketing 2011-10-23 for Article: Cuinisart DCC-1200
not good enough 

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  by rogercbryan 2011-10-23 for Article: Business Mentoring Service
Poor English 

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  by baposales 2011-10-21 for Article: Coleman Generators : A Variety of Generators to Choose from
we dont use coleman 
Responded with comment: the keyword to be used was "coleman generators".. wrote an article on the same.. and the reason for reject was "we dont use coleman".. would you care to explain.. ?!!! 

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  by fcmedia 2011-10-21 for Article: Neon Lights

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  by jerrymarketing 2011-10-21 for Article: Cuisinart DCC-450
Excellent quality. :) 

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  by Susanto 2011-10-20 for Article: Tinnitus Miracle - All You Need To Know About This E-Book

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  by anup.chak 2011-10-20 for Article: Cherry Stuffed Acorn Squash
Very well written, Thanks..... 

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  by wesleyr 2011-10-20
Good article, a couple of mistakes. Will need amending before use. 

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  by wesleyr 2011-10-19
Reasonable article, thank you. 

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  by melanie27 2011-10-18

Rated with 
  by nysmitty 2011-10-18

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  by wesleyr 2011-10-18
Just about acceptable! 

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  by oroklini 2011-10-17
Thank you. 

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  by emarketing 2011-10-17
better than many but contains poor grammar so doesn't read well. 
Responded with comment: :) 


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