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I am a former department manager from the business world who has spent the last three years becoming a self-taught internet marketing expert.

I have worked on Elance for the last year and have a rating of 4.9 (out of 5.0).

I believe I am the perfect candidate because of my background and the various styles of writing I have been able to successfully handle.

As a manager in the business world, my background is in writing quality material that actually answered questions, provided steps on how to complete something or helped customers understand the reasons behind why a specific action was taken.

In the internet marketing world, my writing has mostly been focused on writing content for websites and article writing.

This combination results in content that is original, SEO optimized, fully researched, organized, well written and easily read.

I can write fast and cheap articles but I also have the ability to complete the necessary research to write high quality articles.

If you have any questions or if there is any additional information I can provide, please let me know.

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  by ryanpalmer153 2014-09-08 for Article: Why is Fantasy Football So Popular?


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