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  by iwzone 2011-11-17 for Article: Appetite suppression
Content just not good enough. There is a lot of information on this topic online, putting together 3 or 4 decent tips instead of "all you got to do is start hating food" isn't that hard, surely? 

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  by jentlemanjoe 2011-11-09 for Article: Bikini Styles come in various designs, colors, shapes and prints
Thanks for the article. It was well written. 

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  by wesleyr 2011-11-06 for Article: Time shaved off
Reasonable article, thank you 

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  by Fabledmedia 2011-11-04 for Article: Fresh and Frozen
Nit exactly what I was looking for. Good effort 

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  by shafferb1 2011-11-03 for Article: Tug of price

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  by marketeer 2011-11-03 for Article: Load-financed investment
Thank you! 

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  by dkelso 2011-11-03 for Article: Luxury Apartments
where is the keyword? not the quality article I am expecting 

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  by yhmama 2011-11-01 for Article:
Poor use of keywords and poorly written. 
Responded with comment: don't know why got rejected!!

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  by universal 2011-11-01 for Article: Invitation wedding cards

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  by Wearearth 2011-11-01 for Article: Tote bags
The verb usage is wrong and the writer did not look at the website before writing the article. 
Responded with comment: Quick review! 

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  by anhvudn 2011-11-01
Well done. Keep up your good work. 

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  by Irongate 2011-10-31
Good, thanks 

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  by websitebywordpress 2011-10-31
there is no proper flow in this article.
there is grammar error. 
Responded with comment: Didnt have clear instructions. But review was prompt! 

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  by demeva 2011-10-31

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  by stavros101 2011-10-30
stupid...really. bad grammar 
Responded with comment: Need to explain more about what to write, rather than what not to write. 

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  by alex58 2011-10-25
I made a small mistake writing I need a female version when I needed in fact a male version, nevertheless, the piece is good and I can use it. 


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