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  by sebastey 2012-07-15 for Article: Understanding Lower Left Stomach Pain

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  by MBaltazar 2012-07-15 for Article: Desktop For The Top Achiever
TERRIBLE. Your grammar is way off. 

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  by jvmarket 2011-11-13 for Article: What Causes Pimples

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  by goldengirl 2011-11-12 for Article: Perfect Baby Girl Gifts for Christmas
There seems to be a problem with people writing aboput what is required. This is the second out of 3 articles where the keywords have not been used and the link showing the gifts and toys I wanted the articles written about hasn't been done. 
Responded with comment: i dont understand. the keyword BABY GIRL GIFTS was mentioned twice and you wanted gifts for babies 6mos-2yrs old and I got you those blankets, jackets, quilted coats, dresses and shoes with fur trims. all of which where from the site you mentioned. 

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  by ts150ts 2011-11-08 for Article: Security to the Highest Level

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  by harri193 2011-11-05 for Article: Crash Crash Baby
Looks like spun garbage. Terrible grammar and no flow. 
Responded with comment: seriously?! 


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