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I am a 21 year old aspiring internet marketer who enjoys writing and making money doing it. Some of my passions include film making, internet marketing, and cars.

I am a native American citizen, and my English is top-notch. I deliver quality work every time.

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  by cowpare 2011-12-04 for Article: My 5iphon review - the game-changing viral list builder

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  by aeshlog 2011-12-03 for Article: Is Cupid.com the best online dating site?
Thanks for nice article 

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  by cowpare 2011-12-03 for Article: Endless Traffic Trap Review: Does it Live up to the Hype-Filled Sales Letter Action Movie?
Great thanks Nathan, please see my other jobs would love some more articles, cheers 

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  by kantehba 2011-09-27 for Article: How to Make International Calls for FREE

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  by ezgoing 2011-09-27 for Article: 3 Simple Ways to Earn Online Without an Investment
Article is well written and on subject but does not use the requested keyword. It does use variations of the requested keyword but not the requested keyword itself.

This means I will need to make corrections to the article to add the actual keywo 

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  by mahaboyd 2011-09-27 for Article: Why You Should Buy Grizzly Woodworking Tools

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  by sirpsycho 2011-09-27 for Article: How to Become a Comic Book Artist

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  by neo1001 2011-09-27 for Article: Why Forex Live Trading is Awesome
Good Job 

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  by lucianobo 2011-09-02 for Article: 3 Simple Remedies for Upper Back Pain Relief
good job! 

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  by jumpajoe 2011-08-31 for Article: The Best Cake Pans for Any Occasion
excellent article! 


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