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Classic from Shakespeare to Charles Dickens
What if Charles Dickens, had an iPad,
Would he sound like Isaac Asimov?

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  by sluxent 2012-12-10
Good, but not what I need! 

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  by momba12 2012-12-10
Thank you, you were the only one out of 3 people to follow directions. 

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  by woohah 2012-12-09
nice work 

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  by Jennifer27 2012-12-07

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  by 9957512 2012-12-05
sorry your article is not well organized 

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  by tuckery 2012-12-05
Thank you. 

Rated with 
  by jayfarrell 2012-12-05

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  by geneticanu 2012-12-05
Need article to be Generic without referring to any Law firms in particular. 

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  by OlympiaWeb 2012-12-04
OK thank you. 

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  by ArticlesC 2012-12-04
I can only accpet perfect english 
Responded with comment: You need a better excuse!! 

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  by andrewpg 2012-12-01
Great article, thanks 

Rated with 
  by ArticlesC 2012-12-01
Not so good 

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  by gadgetgirl 2012-11-29

Rated with 
  by NeedContentNow 2012-11-28

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  by ssprank 2012-11-28
Overall was what I was looking for 

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  by geneticanu 2012-11-27
Good Job. 

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  by mikeramsden100 2012-11-27
Very good thanks 

Rated with 
  by rebepa333 2012-11-27
Just wasn't what I was looking for. Sorry.  

Rated with 
  by Malgur 2012-11-26
I asked you for benefits of pruchasing  

Rated with 
  by nkaushal 2012-11-26

Rated with 
  by sonias 2012-11-24

Rated with 
  by abuyer 2012-11-24
Please note that iWriter is using plain text and whey you create paragraph spacing with Word it doesn't work here and buyers need to re-do it. 

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  by nessa900 2012-11-24
great job thanks 

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  by writeway 2012-11-23
Thank you 

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  by millennium 2012-11-14
Great article! Please write my other article about home video distribution and any other ones i post. 

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