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  by bigdanmedia 2011-10-30 for Article: iPhone 4s Siri
Need more technical details of Siri - what is it, what does it do, what does it not do - leave out your personal preferences or comparisons to Android or whatever else. Just facts. 

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  by elanzen 2011-10-29 for Article: Antihistamine for Dogs
Good article.  

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  by antiquepiano 2011-10-29 for Article: Plastic Surgery in Mexico
Author names a specific doctor and also some sentences are unclear. 

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  by befitdepot 2011-10-28 for Article: Should Bodybuilders Include Strongman Training?
This is a pretty good article. Well thought out. 

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  by peter7779 2011-10-27 for Article: How To Use The iPhone To Improve Your Life
poor english, will have to do a lot of editing if i approved this. 

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  by arinovick 2011-10-26 for Article: Anger Management Classes
Poorly written, again, English does not appear to be the native languague.... 

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  by rogercbryan 2011-10-26 for Article: how can I sell my car
They very first line goes against everything we've asked for. 

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  by theanimalix 2011-10-25 for Article: smoke assist
Wont comment, I can only suggest to ignore this writer. 


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