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I'm a versatile freelance writer who enjoys writing on numerous topics under the sun. I've also done different types of writing from articles to book reviews to blogs/web content. I also love to do research on subjects as well as the writing.

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  by marshall 6d 8h 22m ago for Article: An Excellent Doctor And Surgeon Who Truly Cares
We are not looking for reviews. We want an objective analysis of existing reviews or a unique angle of looking at review sites in general 

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  by nvickery 2014-04-15 for Article: There Will Be Tall Ships Festival In Los Angeles In August 2014

Rated with 
  by JayCarter 2014-04-10 for Article: What Are Some of The Most Common of Dairy Allergy Symptoms?
not the needed style 

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  by aon666 2014-04-02 for Article: How To Find The Right Virginia Auto Accident Lawyer For Yourself?
i think this article use spin program 

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  by HassanAA 2014-04-02 for Article: Why Do You Need The Pregnancy Pillow Snoogle?
Please good quality. 

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  by lukescoot 2014-04-01 for Article: Is The Tao of Badass Ebook A Good Guide To Dating For Men?
Not quality enough 

Rated with 
  by lukescoot 2014-04-01 for Article: Tao of Badass Review - An Awesome Dating Program For Men!
I don't like it 

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  by RendelZA 2014-03-29 for Article: The Presence of Special Love Quotes Only Inspires Love
nice one, thanks! :) 

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  by oruuga 2014-03-27 for Article: All About Implant Anchored Dentures

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  by bzliannas 2014-03-27 for Article: Girls Do Not Have To Be Princesses, Girls Can Be Anything, Just Ask Coco!
Too many characters added, too confusing. thanks though 

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  by helpinghand 2014-03-23
Not the topic sought 

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  by abelous09 2014-03-04
not good enough for my site  

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  by constant1 2014-02-27
awkward language  

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  by belindahaus 2014-02-26
1st half was a lot of rehashing of the point that charms are "very special" and the 2nd half was just a list of facts. Also has unusual phrases like "that destiny will be shared here briefly," and "their very own history on this planet."


Rated with 
  by tobeina 2014-02-23
Thank you. It's 5.0 for you 

Rated with 
  by HassanAA 2014-02-23
Not what I was looking for sorry  

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  by Nasttsr 2014-02-17
Good job. Thank You 

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  by Swarperheby 2014-01-19
There are some issues with the Quality offered. 
Responded with comment: You're so wrong. 

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  by ygs21061 2014-01-11

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  by Jamesbestarticles 2014-01-07
Lack of suitability 

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  by writeway 2013-12-30

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  by alextaosystem 2013-12-28
I need more quality work 

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  by Ruthbless 2013-12-25
Does not have a good rank of quality 

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  by Hamiltonusa 2013-12-20
Deliver good Quality Please 

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  by nvickery 2013-12-10

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