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  by mikelinley 2011-11-10 for Article: Cheap Home Loans

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  by nickbielawski 2011-11-10 for Article: Know About House Inspections And Its Importance
Very poor grammar and spelling. The sentences don't even make sense. 

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  by elanzen 2011-11-10 for Article: Medical Assistant Salary
Sorry. Please check the spe.inst. 

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  by punksgupta 2011-11-10 for Article: Nurse Practitioner Salary : More Than Just A Salary
intro part is written poorly!! 

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  by dkelso 2011-11-10 for Article: Basic & Most Important Information About Divorce Lawyers
non-sense spam content 
Responded with comment: Thanks......... 

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  by stavros101 2011-11-09 for Article: Proper Muscle Gain Diet Importance
worst grammar......grrrr 
Responded with comment: Thanks...... 

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  by loo821ql 2011-11-09 for Article: Why Sleep Is Essential to Your Academic Success?
Great speed, only needs 5 minutes to "write" my article. You are in my ignore list now. 
Responded with comment: It take 5 minutes because i have already written article "why sleep"

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  by Ralphk 2011-11-09 for Article: Kinetic Energy and it's Benefits
sentences don't make sense.  
Responded with comment: Thanks........ 

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  by mikelinley 2011-11-09 for Article: Home Loans - Three Tips for Getting the Money You Need
Responded with comment: Thanks for your approval......... 

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  by mahaboyd 2011-11-09 for Article: 3 stone halo diamond engagement rings - Tips on Choosing One!

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  by richjerk321 2011-11-09
Sorry, the first rejection out of dozens of articles people have written for me. Totally spun article and you did not write this. 
Responded with comment: Thanks....... 

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  by ejpsocialmedia 2011-11-08
The article does not read smoothly, and several parts are non-sensical. 
Responded with comment: Thanks......... 

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  by pojssimktg 2011-11-08
The article reads like it is a spun article or written by someone that does not speak english. 
Responded with comment: Thanks.... 

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  by blondy52 2011-11-08
a good article  


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